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HOLY SHEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!! Extreme OMG  Just got done watching episode 4. I laughed, I cried, I screamed in terror, I cheered, I when “fuck yeah!”, I begged for more! A typical reaction after watching these episodes. But seriously it’s amazing how much this blows my mind.  Just when I thought things couldn't get more intense!! Not to mention kinda scary!!! This is just so close to perfect! The acting! Especially The characters! The plot! I'm just so breathless! I already made a journal detailing my reactions to episodes 1 & 2 with no spoilers. But in this journal I will be revealing some spoilers for episodes 3 & 4, so if you haven’t watched/played this game yet, then you are doing yourself a MASSIVE favour to do so right now! Also since Im jut so exited I’m just gonna chat about whatever pops to mind in no particular order.


I feel like I have a real luxury to watch this, it feels like all the useless trivia on fairytales, literature, urban legends etc really paid off meaning I get to spot so many awesome Easter eggs or if a new character is mentioned I get a good idea of them right off the bat. And just what they do with these characteristics is genius. One of my favourite examples being with Georgie Porgie. Now of course this is one I’m familiar with due to my background. To those who didn't catch on, the type of accent Georgie has is oddly enough... a Geordie accent. A Geordie referring to someone who comes from Newcastle. Which is  a major city in the north East of England, not far from me. And of course we tend to call people different names based on where they are from; A Geordie is from Newcastle, A Posh-Geordie (me) is from Durham, Scouser from Liverpool, monkey-hanger from Hartlepool etc. And of course I was familiar with the nickname “Georgie Porgie” and the nursery rhyme he comes from, which goes as follows:

“Georgie Porgie,

Pudding and Pie,

Kissed the girls,

And made then cry,

When the boys came out to play,

Georgie Porgie ran away.”

Do I even need to point out how genius it is to take this rhyme and turn the character into a Geordie pimp who runs a club called the Pudding & Pie? GENIUS!! All the roles these characters play are so amazing and fit their personalities perfectly!


It’s amazing how much I've grown attached to Holly and Gren. I thought the pair of them were dickheads in the first ep, but my heart melted for them in episode 2. So imagine how scared I was in eh beginning of episode 3, I thought they were gonna die! If I’m being honest I think Gren is a hottie,Flirtatious  and seriously wasn’t he just adorable when he was drunk? “Gren will not remember this” I hit the floor laughing!


That Bloody Mary, what a mental bitch! She is seriously freaky bitch! She scared me when she first showed up! Those mad eyes! I’ve never went to say bloody Mary in the mirror, DEFINATLY never going to now! But props to the voice actress, what a fantastic job she did! In fact something I noticed is the voice acting and new cast members they keep getting are just better and better! They all have such distinct voices and they are all like honey in my ear! Especially Aunty Greenleaf, Crooked Man and Jersey devil. I can’t wait till the characters and voice actor’s video comes out for them, I seriously want to know who these people are. Also I am so, so pleased that the English people they have in the game actually do have accurate regional accents, ‘cos too many Americans assume that England consists of people sounding like posh ladies and lords. Like Toad has a cockney accent, the Tweedles have a little oxford tint to them, Georgie has a Newcastle accent etc. So props to the people deciding the dialect and especially the actors. Especially considering I know many of the actors play multiple roles, after all the actor voicing Toad also plays Bufkin and the actor voicing the Tweedles also plays Beast and the Magic Mirror. But then again I just appreciate the accuracy. After all even though snow dosnt neither speak nor sound German, the book detailing her story is written in German, it’s fantastic! Plus she managed to understand “Allerleirauh” straight away.


I really don’t know what to feel about Ichabod Crane. I mean I like the guy for some reason, but then again I am very fond of the original story and he was always such a fascinating character then, he’s just as great here. Truth be told he was just the arsehole in episode 1 as he was in the original book, so he became my first prime suspect. But his whole talk while in the car in episode 2 really melted my heart a little. So I really warmed up to him, so when we got to the end of episode 2, I was FUMING!!! I felt bloody betrayed! Even at the end of episode 3 I kept switching from feeling sorry for him and wanting to kick his head in! But given the choice I would likely do the latter. Punch Dumped Love But like I said I was drawn to him right from the book and even then I knew he was a complete sod. Now he’s off to Paris, I can’t wait to see him again in the comics.


When the trailer for episode 3 came out, I saw so many comments saying there were excited to see a character named Flycatcher, who I assumed must be this popular character from the comics. I assumed right cos after watching him here... OMG he is such a sweetie! :love: LOVE Flycatcher!! I can’t describe how much I like this guy; he’s just so damn nice! I am so excited to read the comics. Plus I heard the artist who does the comics said that Flycatcher is his favourite character, I can see why.


Can we take a second to appreciate poor Nerissa? I feel so sorry for this gal, but she’s so brave and actually quite smart.  Especially with how she was trying so hard to cryptically tell you what’s going on despite that horrible spell. In fact that spell alone seems like the perfect symbolism for the horror of their situation. And did you see how friggin' scared she was when you tried to take the ribbon away. I wasn't feeling too bad about some of the things in episode 4 like I usually do. If I upset a character or make a bad move I will feel so damn guilty. But after all the shit getting thrown my way in 3 and 4 I wasn't fussed about who I was upsetting. I’m not surprised so many others chose to kill Tweedle Dum, I was getting sick of the pair of them and luckily that didn’t come back to bite me in the arse like I thought it would. But when Nerissa jumped out of her seat, I felt like shit afterwards. It’s almost like what happened with TJ or whoever in the game, where you upset them and you just feel like the worst person ever! Luckily Nerissa took kindly to me comforting her, so s’all good with us. In fact I think she has inspired my next art piece.  But honestly on recollection I am so, so sad thinking about it. Because that ribbon... I know what it means now. Let’s just say its based around a story called “The Red Ribbon” (although I’ve heard it called different colours). And knowing that story, it makes things just SO much more tragic. :’( Which reminds me, anyone else but me think there is something going on with the Lily symbolism here. Like Nerissa wears one in her hair, and I’ve seen a couple of instances where its carefully framed in a shot, like in Beauty & Beast’s apartment. But then again I know that Lilies are flowers that are often seen at/associated with funerals, so combine that with the ribbon and I think I may know what that means about the girls....Llama Emoji-07 (Hopeless or Scared) [V1] 


Speaking of Beauty and Beast, they have really shined in episode 4. The writing for them as a couple is perfect; I mean they are both clearly spoilt and petulant to an extent. But you do see how much they honestly love each other, especially when Beats talks about how much he just wants to treat her right and Beauty wants him to be happy. They seem like such an adorable and tight couple. Despite their arguments you can see why they have been married longer than any other couple in Fabletown.:beach:  Also that saccharin answering machine message they have is just precious. My heart especially went out for them at that moment where they decide to hug each other right before they tell you about The Crooked Man. I thought that was so sweet and kinda sad. I don’t want anything bad to happen to them. I want to kick that Crooked Man’s arse! Also it’s pretty cool how Beast’s human design is pretty much perfect for him, cos I know not many of us love the human design Disney did with their version.


At first I thought the scariest thing we would get in episode 4 was Bigby trying to push his bone arm back in, seriously that was so rank! XD But then as soon as they mentioned the Jersey Devil I thought “Oh Shit”. You see I have a book full of monsters and one of the pages shows the Jersey Devil, looking like this. So I was so nervous to see what he would be like. When we got to the pawn shop and saw him I thought, “Really? THAT is the Jersey Devil?” I mean at worst in his Human form he looks like he could be on the sex offender register. XD I will say the voice actor does an am amazing job! But then we had to see him without his glamour. Thank god I was on my own, cos I screamed so much! Their version of the Jersey Devil is absolutely bloody terrifying!!!! AAAA - Halloween Emote A million times scarier than the book version I saw! It’s also a good thing I watched the walkthrough first, cos I was freaking out too much to have been able to respond properly! XD Him and Mary combined are two things I do not want to see in my dreams!

Thank God Woody proved to be a real pal and helped me kick the arse of that scary son of a bitch! That goodbye to Woody felt so bittersweet and it felt almost real. Almost like saying goodbye to someone you really know, but as I said in my previous journal, we have known alot of these characters since we were kids, so it’s so easy to get so immersed in their stories. I couldn’t help but salute Woody as he left with his axe in hand.


And What an Ending to episode 4!!! SO brilliant!!!!!! All these scoundrels in one place and Bigby is right among them! It’s like the friggin Lion’s den!!! Also what the hell is Vivian doing amoung them! With that Ribbon around her neck I thought she was a victim in all this? But now I’m really suspicious of her. I have no idea what to expect and I cannot express how exited I am in words. I guess all that’s left to say is... ROLL ON EPISODE 5 BABEH!!!! WOO HOO!!!:omgomg: Yeah 

That reminds me, it was my 19th birthday in April and while I didn't get to do anything I decided to order in a ton of books with the money I have. Should I post my next journal and tell you which ones I got?


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